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28 sussex gardens scampton

By 1903 a further 10 kilowatts capacity would be added, and further extensions would be carried out in 19.The site of the electricity undertaking is nowadays a car park, and Prospect Row is the road off King's Road which in the year 2002 was the major access road to the whole Cattle Market car park site.Under the Electric Lighting Act of 1882, local authorities were empowered to set up electricity undertakings.The generating station, and two cottages to house its key operatives, were located on the Playfields, off Prospect Row.

Things had not being going well in South Africa since Mafeking had been under siege since 13th October 1899, the day after the independent Boer Republic declared war.

The extra ornamental detailing probably indicated a higher priced dwelling than normal.

Bury still voted Conservative, this time electing the very well known brewer, now Sir E Walter Greene, Bt, who lived his life as a wealthy sporting country gentleman.

Two Lancashire Boilers were installed driving two 60 kilowatt dynamoes.

These produced Direct Current (DC) electricity of three wire 400/200 volts, as opposed to the modern alternating current of 230 volts.

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