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Credit counselling agencies and bankruptcy trustees both offer debt management help, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Two of the most common options are a debt management plan and a consumer proposal.

If they agree, your counsellor collects your payments each month, then disburses the money to your creditors.

This option includes all the advantages of a debt management plan, plus: In the case of the example above, your consumer proposal administrator will contact your creditors to negotiate a settlement for your ,000 credit card debt in exchange for monthly payments to the trustee of perhaps 5 per month for four years (compared to 0 in the debt management plan).

Your trustee then distributes the funds to your creditors.

Once you complete your review of our debt settlement guide, you will know more than the majority of sales people who are the front line for selling debt negotiation to the public.

CRN advocates settling credit card debt as a personal financial solution.

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Keep track of your spending to ensure that you can repay your credit card bill in full when it is due each month.

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