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Dating military limited contact

Pictured below is the back of a button dug near Antietam, so badly corroded that the face of the button disintegrated when it was dug, exposing the inside of the back that was protected all those years.

It exposed a very rare “Goldsboro Rifles” backmark known to exist on a rare North Carolina button.

Evans & Co., there is this difference between the flukes of the anchor, as well as other die variations in the eagle, stars, and even button size.

There are many different backmarks for US Navy buttons dating from the 1850’s and 1860’s, as well as many post-Civil War backmarks.

(source: Ever see a dug Civil War button so badly corroded that you couldn’t even read the backmark?

Albert)Pictured are buttons from the various services that eventually became part of the US Coast Guard.

There were two primary types of US Navy buttons worn during the Civil War. They are both “an eagle resting on a horizontal anchor, three cannon balls below, with 13 stars encircling, on a lined field”.

The difference is that the more common one during the Civil War, the NA112, had the upper fluke of the anchor behind the left wing, whereas the NA113 had the upper fluke of the anchor in front of the left wing.

Note too how the eagle on the Coast Guard buttons (at the bottom) changed from facing left to facing right at the same time as with the US Navy in 1941.

The US Life Saving Service button pictured in the previous post – second row, far right - is a reversible button with a threaded shank.

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According to Tice, “Scovill produced this rare backmark for the “Goldsboro Rifles,” founded at the end of 1859 in response to John Brown’s unsuccessful Harpers Ferry, Virginia raid.” (source: Demonstrated below are two Civil War era non-dug North Carolina buttons.