Dating spots in garden city

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Dating spots in garden city

The zoo houses elephants, lions, bears, primates and many other rare species from around the world.

The Big Pool: World's Largest Hand Dug Swimming Pool' holds 2.2 gallons of water and is longer than a football field.

It has a bathhouse and children's area, as well as Olympic swimming lanes.

It can welcome 2,000 people at a time, in the summer.

Affiliated with and located on the grounds of the Lee Richardson Zoo, the Finnup Center For Conservation Education offers a variety of educational programs that include interactive contact with animals.

Often referred to as an oasis on the flat plains of Kansas, the Lee Richardson Zoo features over fifty acres of exotic plant life and animal habitats.

Sequoyah Cinema 8 is a local movie theater that shows its visitors the latest Hollywood movie releases.

The best picnic spots are all around and will make for a wonderful time with the people you are with!

You can enjoy an intimate steak dinner - which is what the restaurant is renowned for - or you can feed each other a selection of the tapas dishes on the menu (be sure to finish off your meal by sharing a Creme Brulee or tucking into a warm Chocolate Fondant).

Snuggle up to your special someone near the smouldering fireplace or grab a few refreshing cocktails at the bar while enjoying the live entertainment.

Mixing small town charm with modern technology, the Sequoyah 9 Theatre provides local Garden City patrons with a unique experience.

The movie theater shows the latest feature film titles while offering low prices and a full service snack bar.

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