No dating policy workplace

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No dating policy workplace

Users were allowed to consume other substitute stimulants so that any changes to the habits and productivity could be documented.

The results of all participants over the two week testing period can be found in the infographic we created above.

The data for the experiment was obtained through daily surveys, over a two week period – a week with and a week without drinking coffee.

The internal research further supports this as it was noted that an increasing number of participants were drinking tea or energy drinks as substitutes for their coffee, to obtain a dose of caffeine.Participants could be assessed by more quantitative measures of the effects of caffeine such as reaction times, heart rate, dilatation of pupils, levels of fatigue, focus and ability to process information and correlation with insomnia.The limitations of the research carried out by Cyber-Duck lay in having to work around the digital agency operating normal working weeks.But do let us know if you find a legit workplace without any coffee presence – we can’t.For fun look at the caffeine fuelled 2.5 billion dollar video game company, Valve, and its approach to decaf in their new employee handbook: Since there is no definitive study with statistical significance to show the correlation between coffee consumption and workplace output, we chatted with the team at Strong Vend to explore the relationship…

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